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Thermal Analysis Thermal Conductivity Gas Vapour Sorption

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) using TGA and Mass Spectrometry

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The HPR20 Mass Spectrometer benchtop mass spectrometer can be connected to the Pyris1 TGA , Diamond TG/DTA, STA6000, TGA4000 and TGA7 by a heated transfer line.

The HPR 20 is a second generation mass spectrometer and has a series of unique features that aid the analysis of evolved gases

Multiple mass ranges

The HPR 20 is available in 200, 300 and 500 amu mass ranges and can be configured to suit the application

Helium purge gas can be used

The use of helium is beneficial when looking at low abundance studies and where the splinter ions of common purge gases interfere with the species of interest. For example N2 interference at 28 amu when analysing CO loss . The HPR 20 can be fitted with foreline and bypass pumping which allows the easy use of light sample gases

Mass Spectrum of Air

Soft Ionisation

The HPR20 allows the use of Soft Ionisation (S.I.). This technique involves user-controlled variation of the ionising electron energy of the electrons from the ioniser filament so helping to avoid the complex splitting of species under normal conditions therefore giving cleaner and easier to interpret mass spectra


Acetone / Isopropyl Alcohol / Air vapour at an Electron Energy of 70eV

Acetone / Isopropyl Alcohol / Air vapour at an Electron Energy of 15eV


Anti Blockage Screen

The HPR 20 comes with an anti-blockage screen, this allows the quick removal of any blockages that may occur before the capillary and hence keeping down time of the analyser to a minimum

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