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We are pleased to announce the availability of a new TG-IR Interface which couples the Pyris 1 TGA, TGA4000 and STA6000 with the Frontier, Spectrum 100 and Spectrum 65 FT-IR systems. This system provides high sensitivity identification of the breakdown products from decomposition and combustion analyses.

The system includes : · Heated transfer · Heated gas cell in a accessory 'pod' · Digital temperature controller for separate control of line and cell up to a maximum of 250 C

The new TG-IR interface provides high sensitivity evolved gas analysis due to its unique design. Firstly a ceramic nozzle allows the end of the transfer line to be placed close to the sample during heating. This ensures efficient transfer of gases from the furnace area to the gas cell by the purge gas. Nitrogen is a typical purge gas, and air can also be used for combustion experiments.

The system design eliminates cold spots throughout the whole system by being heated from the tip of the ceramic nozzle to the exit port of the gas cell. This increases sensitivity and minimizes contamination and carryover between samples.

Applications Include:

Any TGA application where the identity of the evolved species is unknown is a potential TG-IR application

Typical TG-IR application areas include :
Polymers and Materials - safety and thermal stability ·
Polymers - investigation of decomposition mechanisms
Pharmaceuticals - residual solvents in drug preparations
Packaging - out-gassing and stability



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