Thermal Analysis
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Thermal Analysis Thermal Conductivity Gas Vapour Sorption


The combination of a TGA with a GC/MS is becoming increasingly popular. When you heat a sample on the TGA it causes gases to be released. These gases are then transferred to the GC where the components can be collected. The sample can then be run by GC to separate the material and the peaks identified by the MS. Because of its ability to detect very low levels of material in complex mixtures, the TG-GC/MS is a powerful tool for quality control, safety, and product development.

Application notes

Analysis of complex matrices in Coffee Beans

Analysis of PVC with different Phthalate Content

Qualitative Analysis of Evolved gases from a sample of Switchgrass


Thermal Analysis Differential Scanning Calorimeters, Thermogravimetic Analysers, Dynamic Mechanical Analyers, Simultaneous Thermal Analyser

Thermal Conductivity Analysers HotDisk TPS2500, TPS1500, TPS500S

Gas Vapour Sorption, IGASorp, IGA,HTP , Xemis

Evolved Gas Analysis TGA-MS, TGA-FTIR, TGA-GC/MS, DSC Raman

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