Thermal Analysis
Thermal Conductivity , Gas Vapour Sorption and XRD

Thermal Analysis Thermal Conductivity and Gas Vapour Sorption


DSC and Raman spectroscopy are two complimentary techniques that when combined provide greater insight into material changes of polymers and pharmaceuticals at a molecular level. The structural information gained from Raman spectroscopy is precisely correlated with energy changes in the DSC. This allows you to gain a greater understanding of what happens to a sample at various temperatures, changes previously unseen by a single technique.

PerkinElmer's double-furnace DSC design immediately compensates for the energy from the Raman laser allotting for minimal temperature change in the sample being analyzed so the heat from the laser does not push the sample through a transition, which would give inaccurate results.

Thermal Analysis Differential Scanning Calorimeters, Thermogravimetic Analysers, Dynamic Mechanical Analyers, Simultaneous Thermal Analyser

Thermal Conductivity Analysers HotDisk TPS2500, TPS1500, TPS500

Gas Vapour Sorption, IGASorp, IGA,HTP

Evolved Gas Analysis TGA-MS, TGA-FTIR, TGA-GC/MS, DSC Raman

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