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IGASORP Sorption Analyser

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IGAsorp is designed to measure accurately the magnitude and kinetics of moisture sorption onto materials. It is fully automated and combines an ultra sensitive microbalance with precise measurement and control of both humidity and temperature. The IGA series of instruments uniquely utilise the IGA method to intelligently determine equilibrium uptakes and kinetics, and the fully automated system is capable of isothermal, isochoric, and temperature programmed determinations.

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How does the IGASORP Work?

The analyser contains an ultramicrobalance which measures the weight change as the humidity is changed in the sample chamber at a constant regulated temperature.

The balance itself is capable of measuring changes in weight of the sample down to 0.1 microgram resolution

The humidity of the atmosphere around the sample is measured by a sensor placed in the sample chamber close to the sample. Humidity is changed and controlled by the relative mixing of dry and wet gas streams to give the desired RH set point which is measured close to the sample. During this stage of the measurement the weight signal is monitored to determine when the uptake has reached a new equilibrium value, once this equilibrium has been achieved then the next humidity level is set. The process is automatically repeated until the full isotherm has been measured. Desorption studies can also be made in a similar manner.

Design features include:

Large capacity balance (5g) with a resolution of 0.1 micrograms and excellent long-term stability (± 1 microgram)

Independently thermostatted balance housing (no re calibration required when the measurement temperature is changed).

Feed back control of the humidity generation from temperature and humidity sensors in close proximity to the sample

Aluminium sample environment - Faraday cage effect means no static effects associated with glass based systems

High-resolution isothermal humidity generation without thermal gradients - RH step size down to 0.2%RH

Flow rates up to 500 ml/min to avoid mass transfer limitation

Internal heater drying facility with ramp rates up to 10°C/min up to 350°C

Easy decontamination & sorbate change eg ethanol

IGA method for accurate moisture content & kinetic data in shorter times

Simple OQ procedures

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