Thermal Analysis
Thermal Conductivity , Gas Vapour Sorption and XRD

Thermal Analysis Thermal Conductivity Gas Vapour Sorption

IGA - Intelligent Gravimetric Analyser

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The IGA systems use the unique IGA method for isotherm determination. The system features an ultrasensitive microbalance, pressure range / control from UHV to 20 Bar and a temperature range from -196°C to 1000°C .

The systems can be configured for single or multi-component gas / vapour streams and a direct sampling mass spectrometer can also be added to the system for further

The IGA product range.

IGA-001 General gas sorption studies

IGA-002 Specialised vapour sorption systems.

IGA-003 Specialised system for multi-component gas / vapour sorption studies.

IGA-DSMS Mass spectrometer interface.

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