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The PerkinElmer DMA 8000 is one of the most flexible, cost effective Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers available today. Its innovative design, high funtionality and flexible operation make the DMA 8000 ideal for advanced research and routine quality testing in the polymers, composites, pharmaceutical and food industries.

One of the most unique and useful features of the DMA 8000 is it rotating analysis head, which can be orientated through a full 180 degrees for optimal analysis head configuration for virtually any test type and sample geometry.

The novel lightweight analytical train incorporated in the DMA 8000 has minimal compliance for enhanced performance.

In addition to operation in dynamic mode, the DMA 8000 permits operation in a " Constant force (TMA) mode " vs. time or temperature. Applications such as expansion coefficient, softening and penetration, or extension or contraction in tension geometry provide valuable data equivalent to many commercial stand-alone TMA instruments.

The DMA 8000 is using an ultra-efficient cooling system . The instrument can cool to - 190 ºC in 15 minutes using less than 1 liter of liquid nitrogen, providing industry-leading performance.

The DMA 8000 environmental fluid bath option has been designed as an integral part of the analyzer. The accessory allows true immersion studies on a sample while measuring the dynamic mechanical properties..

The Humidity Generator and Controller is a powerful and flexible option, which delivers the capability to apply and accurately control relative humidity to the sample environment in the DMA 8000.

The standard furnace of the DMA 8000 is configured with a quartz window , which allows visual inspection of the sample and clamping system throughout the experiment without interrupting the temperature profile or other experimental conditions.

Our Material Pockets are a unique sample preparation tool specifically designed to work with the DMA 8000. These innovative pockets allow powdered or non-self supported materials, such as powdered drugs, gels, natural products like tea, coffee, herbs, etc. and low viscosity materials to be investigated by DMA.


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