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HotDisk TPS 500

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The Hot Disk® TPS 500 Thermal Constants Analyzer quickly and accurately measures thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of a wide range of materials. The economical TPS 500 condenses the patented TPS technology with next-generation analysis software, resulting in the smartest, simplest-to-use thermal conductivity apparatus on the market.

The TPS 500 measures the thermal transport properties of solids, pastes, liquids and powders over a temperature range of -100 °C to 200 °C. The TPS 500 encompasses similar accuracy and sample size flexibility as the benchmark TPS 2500 S and workhorse TPS 1500 (the latter two instruments are designed according to ISO 22007-2).

Advantages of TPS technology as realized in the TPS 500:

. The method is non-destructive.
. Contact pressure of sensor to sample surface does not influence measurement results.
. Porous, transparent samples are easy to measure.
. Surface roughness or surface color does not influence measurement results.
. Minimum- or no sample preparation (single-sided QC-testing).
. Instant and fully consistent thermal conductivity results.
. Three thermal transport properties measured in a single transient.
. No calibration or reference sample verification required. (The technique is an absolute technique.)

The test & analysis software for the TPS 500 system incorporates tools for automated measurements as well as automatic temperature control of external devices. The software also incorporates tools for exporting results to third-party software (MS Excel), for additional processing or statistical analysis.

Thermal Conductivity W/mK 0.03 to 100
Thermal Diffusivity: 0.1 to 40 mm²/s
Specific Heat Capacity: 0.1 to 4.5 MJ/m³K
Measurement Time: 2.5 to 2560 seconds
Reproducibility: 2 % (thermal conductivity)
Accuracy: Better than 5%
Smallest Sample Dimensions: 3 mm High, 13 mm Diameter or Square
Sensor Types Available: Kapton insulated with or without cable (from cryogenic temperatures up to 180°C)
Mica insulated without cable (Room Temp. up to 750°C).
Meets ISO Standard (ISO/DIS 22007-2.2)  


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