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DSC8500 Double Furnace DSC

Manual DSC8500
DSC8500 with 96 position Autosampler

PerkinElmer is proud to introduce the DSC 8500, featuring second-generation HyperDSC® technology. Now you can gain unlimited insight into the structure, properties and performance of your materials. And with hyper-enabled, double-furnace technology and better application capabilities the DSC 8500 gives you higher accuracy and sensitivity than ever before.

DSC8500 Features:

All new double-furnace design delivers the most accurate heat-flow measurements with outstanding sensitivity and reproducibility Symmetrical design ensures that instrument response fromsample and reference pans are always identical
Non-oxidising, chemically resistant platinum alloy furnaces Controlled heating and cooling for the most accurate results
Extremely fast controlled scanning rates in the range 0.1C to750ºC/min
In-situ ballistic cooling to 2100ºC/min, enabling experiments that mimic real-world processes
Extremely fast data readout rates (100 points/second) providing high data integrity High-pressure cell option enabling measurement of samples to 600 psi
Includes MT-DSC for understanding kinetic events Remote sampling head enabling measurements of hazardous samples
Optional UV Photocalorimeter accessory Switch easily between cooling accessories in the lab


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