Thermal Analysis
Thermal Conductivity , Gas Vapour Sorption and XRD

Thermal Analysis Thermal Conductivity Gas Vapour Sorption

DSC6000 Single Furnace DSC

Manual DSC6000
DSC6000 with Autosampler

The DSC 6000 is our latest high performance single-furnace DSC used in a wide range of applications in the academic, polymer and pharmaceutical markets.

DSC6000 Feaures

Integrated mass flow controller for convenient gas control and switching Efficient, easy-to-clean nickel chromium sample plate
Fast 45-position autosampler option for reliable unattended operation Portable cooling device (PCD) for cost-effective operation at low temperature
MT-DSC, enabling you to separate kinetic events and interpret data with greater ease Scanning rates from 0.1ºC to 100ºC/min
Optional photocalorimetry accessory for more advanced analysis of photo-initiated reactions


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