Thermal Analysis
Thermal Conductivity , Gas Vapour Sorption and XRD

Thermal Analysis Thermal Conductivity Gas Vapour Sorption

DSC4000 Single Furnace DSC

Manual DSC4000
DSC4000 with Autosampler

The DSC 4000 is our latest high performance single-furnace DSC used in a wide range of applications in the academic, polymer and pharmaceutical markets. The DSC 4000 is upgradeable to the DSC6000

DSC4000 Feaures

Integrated mass flow controller for convenient gas control and switching Efficient, easy-to-clean nickel chromium sample plate
Fast 45-position autosampler option for reliable unattended operation Portable cooling device (PCD) for cost-effective operation at low temperature
Scanning rates from 0.1ºC to 100ºC/min  


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